Why it is necessary to clean CPAP machines?
The CPAP ventilator is designed to help people with sleep apnea. These machines will increase the airflow at night and help you breathe better so you can sleep undisturbed. But to make the machine work well and keep your body healthy, you really need to keep it clean.

When your CPAP mask is covered with dirt, grime and grease, it will lose its grip on your face. When the CPAP mask is dirty, it will not be able to maintain a good seal between the mask and the face, which will eventually hinder the normal operation of the mask. If you use a dirty mask for sleep apnea, you will wake up at night because the airways cannot be kept open. Will this defeat the entire purpose of using CPAP? However, when you use a CPAP bacterial filter, your CPAP device will have a better seal, which will make it work efficiently.

Now, please take a minute and then consider the number of bacteria that may accumulate on the CPAP machine and in different parts. In particular, pipes and humidifiers are places where bacteria can grow. Bacteria can make you sick and put you at risk of deadly diseases such as pneumonia. If you want to avoid this worst-case scenario, you should reduce the number of bacteria that you regularly contact through CPAP equipment. The easiest way is to clean the machine often with high-quality detergents. When you limit the contact of bacteria and bacteria, you can experience better overall health. Several studies have shown that people who clean CPAP machines regularly are less likely to develop pneumonia than people who don't clean CPAP machines. So it's best to start cleaning now!

When people do not clean the CPAP machine, the dirt and grime left on the skin will be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, making you more susceptible to respiratory infections. Therefore, use an efficient and compact ventilation sterilizer to maintain your health while breathing fresh sterile air. Your safety is in your hands, so when you still have time, please clean the equipment better!

CPAP machine cleaning method
The disinfection method of CPAP ventilator is usually called ozone. Essentially, the CPAP cleaner is an ozone generator designed for the disinfection of a CPAP ventilator. In the past, cleaners mainly used lithium batteries instead of ordinary batteries, which can be used for one month (once a week) after being fully charged. At the same time, set each disinfection time to 35 minutes. After disinfection, it can automatically shut down without adjusting the disinfection time, which is more convenient. In addition, the outlet design is better connected to the CPAP ventilator pipeline. With such a convenient disinfectant, the CPAP ventilator can be disinfected at any time according to your requirements. During the disinfection process, ozone enters CPAP directly, and the ozone will be decomposed into oxygen in the air. After disinfection, it is recommended to use it every hour.