Orders FAQ

1. How do I change or cancel my order?

We know how important your order is, so we aim to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Please note that we can help you modify your order before shipment. It includes changing the size or the color of an item, removing an item, changing your shipping address. 

2. How can I track my package?

Please use the tracking option at the top of the page for quick information. In your shipping confirmation email, you'll receive a link to the tracking history. From there, you can monitor your package's progress until it's delivered to your door. 


3. I placed an order two weeks/a while ago and just realized I’ve been getting several emails and missed calls from Cpapcleaner.shop, what’s going on?\

In the event we need to verify your order or need to contact you regarding your order, we will email you with further instructions. If we are unable to reach you after 7 days, your order will be cancelled and your original form of payment will be credited with the full amount of your order (less any discounts used when placing the order). If you used coupon for your order, a new coupon will be issued for that portion of your payment.

Helpful Hint: If you receive a message from Cpapcleaner.shop, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid having your order cancelled.

4. Why was my order cancelled?

There may be several reasons why your order may have been cancelled:

  • In some cases we are unable to verify the billing information that was entered on the order. If the billing address does not match with what the credit card issuer or bank has on file, the order may be automatically be cancelled. If your order has been cancelled for this reason, please contact your credit card issuer or bank to verify that the billing information is correct. Once updated, please create a new order using the correct billing address.
  • If our Customer Service Team has attempt to reach you regarding an order and has been unsuccessful in contacting you after 7 days, your order will be cancelled and your original form of payment will be credited with the full amount of your order (less any discounts used when placing the order). If you used coupon for your order, a new coupon will be issued for that portion of your payment


5. I placed an order, but haven’t seen any movement from Cpapcleaner.shop, What’s going on?

There are several reasons why your order may have been delayed. Please note, most orders leave our distribution center within 24-48 hours of the order being placed.

In some cases our Customer Service Team may hold orders that run the risk of being fraudulent or that need additional review or verification to protect our product. When this happens, our Customer Protection Team will reach out to you directly if your order will be delayed due to it being reviewed.

In some cases we may just run out of a hot item that is expected back in stock within 3 business days. If this was the only item you ordered, rather than cancelling your order, it will be held until the item is back in stock and we are able to fulfill the order. When this happens our Customer Service Team will send you an email notifying you of the delay.

6. I placed an order, but never received a confirmation email.

If you do not receive an email from Cpapcleaner.shop within 24 hours after placing your order please check your email address on file whether it is correct. If you still need assistance, Please Contact US by leaving your e-mail.

7. What if my credit card is declined?

If your payment does not successfully process or if it is declined when trying to complete your purchase, you could use alternative form of payment prior to completing your purchase.

8. OOPS!I was so excited to place my order that I forget to use my code.

We understand that these things can happen. The good news is that you can use your code for your next order. Orders that have been placed cannot be changed.

9. My order was confirmed, but I just got an email that states I received a refund. What does this mean?

The item(s) you ordered was so popular that between the time you placed the order and when we processed it, the item sold out. The good news is that we will email you XX points. Helpful hint: Please treat the points like cash, as it is store credit you can use for a later purchase. Store credit never expires!

10. How long will it take my order to arrive?

Here at Cpapcleaner.shop, we take pride and strive to make sure all packages are delivered in a timely manner.

11. received a damaged item, what should I do?

If your item was damaged during shipping, you are eligible for a full refund. When requesting your refund, please be ready to provide Customer Service with graphs clearly showing the problem with the item and its courier number as soon as possible. Please also provide "Proof of Damage" documentation from your courier. Alternatively, you can open the item in front of the delivery person and if you find that it was damaged during shipping, you can reject it and send email to us about the case for a reship.

A Note Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear customers,

With the increasing concern about Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to inform you that we are closely monitoring news and reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and we are taking precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.

The COVID-19 has impacted shipping time. Please be patient. We try our best to help you to get your items as soon as possible. Thank you for your comprehension.

We appreciate all our customers' efforts. We want to express our best wishes to you.

Thank you for your time, patience and understanding.

Love from all of us