Anti Snore Stop Snoring Chin Strap Belt Sleep Support Apnea Belt

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It is made of breathable material for your comfort,the strap soft and light weight,you no need to worry about a scratch or irritated facial skin.

The anti snoring chin straps keeps your mouth closed and open your airway let more oxygen into the lung therefore to instantly stop snoring,clenching, tooth grinding.It is the best anti stop snoring solution devices to prevent snoring.

Designed with double hook & loop tapes, just tighten the long upper strap to a length that keeps your chin up and mouth closed, then adjust the strap behind the ear.

This chin strap is not only a anti snore devices, it can also play a role in lifting and tightening the face, preventing the face from sagging and shrinking the chin, and tightening the neck.

Effectively relieving and stopping snoring, this advanced snore guard chin strap is the best gift for your husband, wife, parents and friends.

How it works:

The anti-snoring chin keeps your mouth closed and opens your airway let more oxygen into the lung, therefore, to instantly stop snoring, clenching, tooth grinding.


Material: Neoprene

Color: Blue

Width: 6cm

Length: appr.54-68cm(Adjustable)

Net Weight: 42g

Package Included:

1×Anti Snore Belt

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