Portable PC-ECG500 12 Lead ECG Monitor Pocket ECG Machine with Glasgow Analysis

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1.Portable design, compact in size with low weight, easy for carry.
2.Can be powered by an external DC power supply or a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
3.Support synchronous acquisition and display of 6-lead / 12-lead waveform, as well as heart rate detection.
4.Provide ECG algorithm to automatically analyze the acquired ECG waveform, output measured values and diagnosis results.
5.Support auto mode and R-R mode and support automatic pacing detection and marking.
6.Provide 4 sampling modes: pre-sampling, real-time sampling, periodic sampling and trigger sampling.
7.Support ADS (Anti-drifting system) and EMG (electromyograph) interference.
8.Freeze the ECG waveform on the screen.
9.Auto-saving function: save the ECG data when the report is printed.
10.Support wireless transmission of ECG data via Wi-Fi network.

Glasgow ECG Interpretation Algorithm

The Glasgow ECG Interpretation Algorithm, developed at the University of Glasgow, UK enables automated means of providing ECG analysis complementing the role of a physician. The algorithm accounts for age, gender and race and compares the ECG with historic data to arrive at specific interpretations.The Glasgow ECG Interpretation algorithm meets all the IEC 60601-2- 51 requirements and ISO 9001:2008 standards.


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