Frame-free Waterless Humidification Nasal Mask For CPAP with Adjustable Headgear

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  • Design for the person who is often on a business trip and traveling.
  • The groove on the cushion is able adapt itself to the nose bridge,maintain low air leakage and limited pressure.
  • The ball&socket elbow relieves the dragging to the mask for more stable therapy.
  • HU/HU-Plus,two humidification tablets are available for different environments.HU capable of fulfilling most of your requirement while HU-Plus is just designed for the usage in the high-altitude area.
  • The filter keeps the dust away from the airway and maintains the silence for a better sleep.
  • Compared with the convenientional mask,the waterless humidification mask improves significantly for the convenience of the user by converting the complicated heated humififier into an integrated (heat& moisture exchanger) kit on the mask. it couldn't be better for the user who usually has frequent travelling.


Color: Transparent

Material: Silica Gel

Therapy Pressure :4 to 25 cmH2O

Working Temperature: +5℃~+40℃(41℉~104℉

Working Humidity: ≤93%

Store Temperature: -20℃~+55℃-4℉~131℉

Store Humidity: ≤95%

Store the mask in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

Package List:

  1. 1×Nasal Mask
  2. 1×Headgear
  3. 1×Short tube
  4. 2×Humidifier(HU)
  5. 2×Humidifier(HU-Plus)
  6. 1×Manual

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